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Turning Components

We manufacture OEM Turned Parts in intricate forms ad with desired tolerance levels due to wide range of production machines available from conventional CNC’s and VMC’s

Exceptional accuracy in meeting customer specification and ability to deliver products in various quantity levels have made us the preferred sourcing destination of customer Worldwide with processing material is brass.

Our Products include:

  • Automotive OEM Turned parts for Speedometer, Sensor Housing, and Brake Fittings Etc.
  • Threaded inserts for Moulding
  • Brass Bushes, Brass Nuts & other Brass Fasteners
  • Electrical & Electro-Mechanical Precision Parts
  • Miscellaneous parts for Medical & Lighting Industries
  • Parts for industrial Appliances such as Spray Guns, Actuators, Solenoid Valves, Hose End Connectors and Couplings for Petroleum & Chemical Industries
  • Components for Gas Appliances & Fittings
  • Precision CNC & VMC Machined Parts for Special Applications