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Forging Speciality

Sprayking Argo Equipment Limited is among the Top Leader Company in Hot Forging and Complex Machining of any grade of Brass & Copper Alloys since 22 years

Our Forgings are produced and sold as either Raw Forged parts or as Forged & Machined components. Our Forging are with improved Mechanical Characteristics and Surface appearances with Super Efficiency & Repeatability of the Process.

Sprayking Argo Equipment Limited has adopted & continuously improved the forging process for decades & has achieved unrivalled efficiency & Quality

What historically characterized Sprayking Agro Equipment Limited is for the Hot Forging Process? To Date there are all types of Forging Presses available from Screw Presses, Hammer Forged Presses, Power Presses, Horizontal Drill Forging Presses, Vertical Drill Presses, Continuous Latest Generation and Electronically Controlled Forging presses of all range Capacity to forged from Small parts to Bulky parts.

The need of continuous reduction of Time-to-Market led Sprayking Agro Equipment Limited has developed effective Tool Shop to manufactures Tools, Forging Dies & all Equipments necessary or manufacturing of the products. This facility allows customer to meet their demand within Short Duration of Time. Sprayking Agro Equipment Limited primary Customers are OEM. Many of our Raw Forging, Forged and Turned parted are used in various Sectors.

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics:
    Forged and Machined Valves or Heating, HVAC, Water Filters, Under floor heating& any Applications in the field of Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Electric:
    Forgings of Brass & Copper for Electric Systems, Clamps, Earthling & Lighting Accessories
  • Heating:
    Valves, Manifold Valves & Fittings for Heating Applications
  • Food Industry:
    Valves & Components for Coffee Machines & Beer Industries
  • Water Meter:
    Forging or Water Meter Bodies & it’s fittings
  • Faucets:
    Mixing Valves, Diverter Valves, Angle Valves, Valves in general for Bathroom & Kitchen industries
  • Refrigeration:
    Valves & Components for Refrigeration Industries
  • Gas:
    Valves, Components & Fittings for Gas Appliances & Gas Pipe Line
  • Fire Protection Systems:
    Forged Bodies for Brass Hose Couplings, Nozzles, Cam & Groove Couplings, Cam Lock Couplings.
  • Agricultural Parts:
    Sprayer Parts, Sprinkler Parts, Nozzles, Orifices, Strainers & Connectors
  • Industrial Fittings:
    Forging for all types of Brass Fittings including Lead Free Brass Fittings