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Agricultural Sprayer Parts & Garden Fittings

Sprayking Argo Equipment Limited manufactures Agricultural Sprayer Parts, Irrigation Parts, and Garden Fittings since 1994. We are manufacturing OEM parts for some of the Giant Companies of India Agricultural Sectors.

  • Types:
    Threaded Adapters, Quick Disconnects, Shank Couplings, Spray Hose Couplings, Menders & Valves Accessories

Our Products Includes

  • Hand & Battery Operated Sprayer Parts (Knapsack)
  • Tap Connectors
  • Fogging Nozzles & Orifices
  • Sprinkler Parts
  • Y Hose Fittings
  • Garden Nozzles
  • Garden Hose Menders & Hose Barbs
  • Garden Hose Swivel Fittings
  • Garden Hose End Fittings